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Add Intensive Therapy To Your Practice

Are you a therapist looking for intensive therapy training?

Do you desire to help your clients more and feel limited within a one hour session? Do you know you could go deeper and accomplish more together with a longer block of time?

Are you confused on the structure to follow in order to fill the length of an intensive therapy session?

Counselors who utilize intensive therapy love it for many reasons! They are able to work more creatively through the interactive experiences they can offer their clients. They have also felt intensive therapy training helped them offer the level of care that met their clients level of concern. Intensive therapy sessions typically last between 2-3 days and allow for a tremendous amount of progress for clients in a short time span.

Intensive therapy training will help you meet your client’s needs in new ways.

Many of our clients are looking for a faster and more interactive way to work with us rather than typical weekly sessions. For many clients, meeting for a block of time is more convenient than weekly sessions.

Some years ago I realized that some of my clients needed a different level of therapy than what I could offer. At the same time, I longed to add new elements to my counseling practice. This combination lead me to train and work with some of the best intensive counseling providers in the country. As I have done intensive work in my private practice over the last several years, I have seen the impact of offering clients a level of care that meets the level of their concerns. From this experience, I have developed intensive therapy training to help therapists learn how to do intensive work in their private practice. It’s much more accessible than you think. I’d love to show you how!

Get a simple plan to provide intensive therapy.

As a seasoned intensive therapy provider, I’m passionate about helping other therapists utilize this type of therapy in their practice too. I have over 17 years of experience in the counseling industry, much of which has included intensive therapy both in my office and as a therapist and with nationally recognized programs. I offer two types of intensive therapy training.

The Innovate With Intensives Resource has been created for therapists who would like to explore the process of adding intensive therapy to their counseling practice. It includes a 52 page eBook and 3 intensive therapy forms to get you started.

I also offer individual coaching to set up a customized plan for providing intensive therapy that fits your practice perfectly.

How will adding intensive therapy impact my practice?

Build on momentum with clients and erase the barrier that 50 minutes limits you to.

Find 1 client instead of 10 clients to fill the same space in your schedule.

Facilitate energized sessions that don’t always include sitting in your chair the entire time.

Offer similar progress in 2 days of work to 6 months of weekly sessions.

Build a reputation as a professional intensive provider and receive referrals from other clinicians.

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