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Innovate With Intensives is a therapist resource that is designed to help therapists explore the process of adding intensive therapy to their practice.  This long awaited eBook simplifies the intensive process and makes intensive therapy much more accessible to therapists.  It is paired with three intensive therapy forms which can be edited and used in your practice.

If you would like a therapist resource that will help you add intensives to your practice this eBook and forms packet will be of tremendous benefit to you.  Explore the process with a trusted guide that has been providing intensive therapy for years.  The resource will take the mystery out of providing intensives and help you begin implementing this powerful type of therapy to your counseling practice.

Hi, I’m Mike Vaughn, LPCS, CSAT. I have over 17 years of experience in the counseling industry providing therapy that has included intensive work in my practice and with nationally recognized programs.  Years ago when I started offering intensives to my clients, I was exhilarated by the freedom and creativity this type of therapy offered to me as a therapist.  My clients experienced tremendous growth in a short period of time instead of over the course of weeks and months.  I love to help other counselors add something to their method of treatment that blows their clients out of the water.

“Mike’s eBook “Innovate with Intensives” has cleared a path for me to build intensives into my practice. The book was easy to read and wisely addressed the main concerns I had with this therapeutic modality. His joy for this work has inspired me to take a risk and invest a new vision for my practice. Thank you, Mike!”

-Michael Spengler, MS LCPC CSAT, Boise ID

The Innovate With Intensives therapist resource gives you helpful information, sparks your creativity, and ignites the initial steps to adding intensives to your practice. The eBook includes:

  • How To Find Candidates For Intensive Work
  • Pre-work For Intensive Sessions
  • How To Format Intensives
  • Setting Rates & Using Insurance
  • A Sample Schedule

The Intensive Forms Packet saves you time and the hassle of creating intensive forms from scratch. These editable documents are included for your use:

  • Thorough Intensive Intake Form
  • Therapist Referral Form
  • Post Intensive Continuing Care Plan Form

Providing intensives sets you up for more opportunities within your practice.

  • Work in a way that allows for additional creativity and interaction.
  • Receive referrals from other clinicians.
  • Feel energized with a new challenge as you add to your current methods of treatment.

If you would like a therapist resource that will help you learn more about including intensives in your practice order a copy of Innovate With Intensives with the link below.  If you have questions for me, I’m happy to help you.  Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Have you ever wondered if you could offer intensive work to your clients? This book shows you how! Let Innovate with Intensives guide you through the process of implementing intensives with your clients. With information, questions to consider, and standard forms; this book makes the complex intensive therapy process simple.

Product Description:

52 Page eBook in printable PDF format

8 Page Forms Packet in an editable DOC format

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