Every therapist has a dream for their counseling practice.

 I’ll help you get there.

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Every therapist has a dream for their counseling practice.

 I’ll help you get there.


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Coaching for Therapists, Counselors & Private Practice

Have you wished you could talk to someone who provides 1:1 coaching for therapists to get personalized help with your counseling practice?

Have you been searching for training to do intensive therapy with your clients?

Are you looking for experiential therapy training so you can add more creative elements to your sessions?

Whether you’re experiencing therapist burnout or you’re energized and ready for a new challenge; there comes a time in your career as a therapist when it is helpful to have someone come alongside you to help you launch the next season of your career. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck, unsure of which step to take and what move to make.

Hi, I’m Mike Vaughn, LMHCS, CSAT. I help counselors use their passions and gifts to develop a plan to optimize their practice. Find new and creative ways to work that really invigorate your practice by training to do intensive therapy or experiential therapy. Or find your next opportunity through experiential coaching for therapists, which is designed to help you clarify your vision for your counseling practice and develop effective therapist branding. Begin your next new exciting season as a therapist.

I’m here to help you energize your counseling practice. My passion is helping you live yours!

Be renewed. Be energized. Thrive.

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coaching for therapists

Why try something new?

One study found the average counselor does 1,100 client sessions per year.
(source: 2015 APA Survey of Psychology Health Service Providers)

Use your expertise for a bold new chapter of your career.

 Work In New And Different Ways

Add Intensive Therapy To Your Practice

Optimize your counseling practice by training to do intensive therapy. Intensive work provides a powerful change agent for clients. It’s also highly beneficial to therapists. I will help you set up an individualized, easy to follow plan to implement intensives in your practice.

Coaching For Therapists

1:1 coaching for therapists in private practice. I listen fiercely. I focus on you. Start something new or invigorate your current practice by clarifying your vision and developing therapist branding.

Add Experiential Therapy To Your Practice

Energize your practice through experiential therapy training. It’s easier than you think to learn these creative and effective techniques.

Coach for therapists

Meet Mike Vaughn

My experiential coaching method is borne from many years of providing experiential therapy and intensive therapy for my own clients. I’m passionate about providing simple solutions to other therapists so that they can build on their successes and optimize their practice. Let the adventure begin.

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