About Mike Vaughn

As counselors we hit points in our careers that leave us feeling stuck, burned out or ready to add new options to our current practice. Let me join you there with easy to follow plans and guidance that will help you utilize your strengths and flourish in new ways.

As a seasoned experiential therapy provider, I help counselors learn how to include Experiential Therapy and Intensive Therapy in their own practice. I also provide Experiential Coaching for counselors looking to work in new ways.

I’m passionate about providing simple solutions to other therapists so that they can build on their successes, clarify their vision and energize their practice.

Adding Intensive Therapy, Experiential Therapy or the next new chapter in your career as a therapist is easier than you think! Let’s get started!

I currently co-own a successful private group practice, SureHope Counseling & Training Center, with two locations serving clients in a metropolitan area. Much of my work has included experiential therapy both in my office and as a therapist and with nationally recognized programs including, Onsite Workshops and Bethesda Workshops. I am trained in EMDR, Gottman Method, sex addiction and distance counseling.

In working with other therapists, I have noticed that while we are involved deeply in the lives of others we often do not turn enough attention to our own inner process.  As a result, I have co-created The Inner Process Podcast.

My work includes monthly contributions on WCNC (Charlotte NBC affiliate) with over 100 segments aired. I am also a national conference speaker.

Supporting other clinicians as they embark on their own adventure brings me great joy. As a busy practitioner, husband and father of three kids I know how easy it is to continue to do the same thing week after week but it can also leave you feeling drained. Adding Experiential Therapy and Intensive Therapy to my practice has been inspirational to me and I’m excited to share how to do this with you, or help you discover what inspires you!

How Can Experiential Coaching Help Me?

  • Clarify your vision for your private practice
  • Uncover areas of opportunities that utilize your strengths and passions through experiential exercises
  • Get actionable items to help you take the needed steps towards achieving your goals
  • Receive practical answers to your questions about your counseling practice

Are you ready to take the next step?

I’m here to help. Armed with experience, a vision for what is now and next in therapy; I am prepared to get you there. I listen fiercely. I think outside of the box. I make complex issues simple and achievable.

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