About Mike Vaughn

It’s Time For Change

Experiencing adversity in life is a given, but getting blocked from experiencing joy and purpose in life doesn’t have to be.  

As a therapist, speaker, and intensive therapy specialist, I help people who are stuck in difficult seasons of life remove the obstacles hindering their personal growth so they can thrive.

Mike Vaughn, MA, LCMHCS, CSAT is an intensive therapy specialist and counselor based out of Charlotte, NC. He works with the nationally recognized sex addiction program at Bethesda Workshops and has been an intensive therapy provider at Onsite Workshops.  Mike is the co-founder of SureHope Counseling & Training Center, in Charlotte, NC where he regularly provides therapy in traditional and intensive formats.  

You may have enjoyed some of the work he has shared as a regular guest on the Charlotte Today show with over 100 segments aired or on The Inner Process Podcast, which he co-created with his friend and fellow therapist, Jason VanRuler.

Mike’s true joy and focus are God, his wife, and three kids. In his free time, he’s been known to enjoy a good book, the view from the summit after a long hike, or a night under the stars camping with friends.

How Can Therapy Help Me?

  • Replace chaos with peace in your daily life
  • Become more resilient as a result of your past
  • Restore your most treasured relationships

Are you ready for growth?

I’m here to help. My aim is to help people experience the life they were meant to live, unhindered by their past. Contact me to get started with counseling, for resources on intensive therapy, or to arrange a speaking event.

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