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Add Experiential Therapy To Your Practice

Could you benefit from someone to help you incorporate experiential therapy activities that line up with your specific methods of treatment?

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Are you looking for powerfully simple ideas to energize your sessions?

As counselors we enjoy helping others through life’s difficult times but this type of hard work can leave us feeling depleted, bored or fatigued. No one should have to feel this way. Experiential therapy brings new energy to sessions. Even learning a few experiential activities can revitalize your work and bring you a new sense of joy and satisfaction.

Experiential therapy incorporates interactive elements into your typical counseling sessions that bring greater depth to the healing your clients experience.

Energize your practice with experiential therapy activities.

When I learned my first experiential therapy techniques, I experienced a feeling I can hardly describe. It was peacefulness, fulfilment and excitement all in one. As I started to use those techniques with clients, that feeling became more profound and the joy of watching clients heal was powerful. Very simply put, that is why I am passionate about helping therapists learn experiential therapy. I promise it’s easier than you think and can be a few experiential therapy activities you use with many clients, or a whole treatment shift. Either way, I’d love to help you learn.

Adding experiential therapy activities is easier thank you think.

Utilizing experiential therapy activities has been the most fun and energizing aspect of my 17 years as a therapist. Clients resonate deeply with the experiences that help them grow in ways they never expected. I’ve learned from some of the nation’s top clinicians as I’ve worked and trained with them. I’m excited to help you bring this type of fulfilling work to your counseling practice too through experiential coaching.

Why add experiential therapy to my counseling practice?

  • Work creatively with energizing interactive elements.
  • Distinguish yourself among other providers.
  • Utilize your unique strengths and abilities to help your clients in new ways.
  • Invigorate your practice by learning something new.

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