Experiential Coaching For Counselors

Experiential coaching for therapists is about exploring your strengths and finding ways to capitalize on them, experiencing clarity and casting vision. It’s about finding something that is uniquely you, and developing therapist branding. It’s about launching the next exciting chapter of your career. Thought provoking exercises help you identify where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

Each session it intently focused on you and your success.

What it is not, is an outpouring of scattered thoughts and lists that may leave you overwhelmed and still unable to move forward. It is a process that pinpoints your direction with strengths and interests identified and an end result of a customized plan tailored to your needs and clear therapist branding.

How will therapist branding help me grow my counseling practice?

Therapist branding helps you clearly communicate to your community your expertise and specialties. Making it clear to your community how you can help them best leads to increased referrals and more opportunities to find your ideal client. Through experiential coaching I’ll work with you to identify your personal therapist branding as you clarify your strengths and interests and narrow down the opportunities you want to take to launch the next successful season of your therapy practice.

I use experiential techniques in my coaching for therapists to help them move forward and live their passions!

I have gone through many seasons in my many years as a counselor. I have felt greatly fulfilled, but also burned out. I have felt content, and at times restless. Through it all, I have sought to add new elements to the way I work and this has kept me moving and growing.

This journey has lead me to you. Maybe you are also looking for something new. Maybe its passion or a new way to do therapy. Maybe you don’t know what you want to change but feel the longing for change nonetheless. I would love to help.

Clarify your vision for the next season of your practice.

  • Identify your therapist branding so everyone knows how you can best help them.
  • Alleviate the stress and burnout that clinicians often experience after years of providing care by finding exciting new ways to work with your skills.
  • Implement a new method of working with clients that will allow you to incorporate more creativity and increase your rates (without any qualms).
  • Elevate your practice to be sought out for experiential therapy and/or intensive therapy.

Invest In Yourself.

If you are ready to identify your unique therapist branding and begin the next new exciting chapter of your career please contact me.I would love to help you!

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